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27 Jan

In addition, because of the mandatory military service and beach and fitness culture (especially in Tel Aviv), young adults tend to be in very good shape.(my life), you will be inundated with beautiful Hebrew sayings.

Israelis tend to live their lives in the moment and with a certain intensity, perhaps in part an outcome of the never-ending conflict and violence they’ve been brought up in.

Whether it’s eating, partying, or loving – you can count on your Israeli other half to make the most of the finer things in life.

Largely due to the mandatory military service most Israelis do after high school, which often throws them into the deep end and exposes them to tough and adrenaline-filled exercises, as well as real life combat situations, Israelis are generally very adventurous people.

The best part of Shabbat is dinner on Friday (and the leftovers the following day), with copious amounts of delicious food, wine, and laughs around the kitchen table.

Think Christmas every week, just without the presents.

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Due to their mix of ethnicities and backgrounds, Israelis have beautiful complexions and interesting features: whether you’re into tanned, dark haired men/women of North African descent or blonde, blue-eyed Russians, Israel has it all. The bars and clubs are swarming with young and pretty men and women looking to meet someone new, whether it’s for the night or for a happily-ever-after.Here’s our guide on how to navigate Tel Aviv’s dating scene and everything you need to know about dating a Tel Avivian.Often misjudged as rudeness, Israelis’ direct approach towards dating and life in general, can actually make the whole process much easier; however it does take some getting used to, no doubt about that.It is completely normal for a woman to just hand over her number out of the blue, or for a man to join a conversation between two girls to ask if you want to go for coffee.Israelis love talking about travel, hearing about other places, trying to mimic accents and most of all, complain about Israel, despite actually loving it.Some of the first names that come to mind when thinking about Israelis are Gal Gadot and Bar Refaeli – get where this is going?Young Israelis are usually very open and close with their families and they love inviting whoever they are dating for a Shabbat meal, which essentially means meeting the family.You’d be surprised to see how welcoming and open their family usually is and what a fun evening it can turn out to be.Israeli men and women are flirty, particularly in Tel Aviv.An Israeli woman you meet at a bar can spend the night heavily flirting with you but refuse to give out her number (usually going for: ‘I have a boyfriend’), while an Israeli man can spend the evening flirting with random women just to search for an easy hookup.