Dating loans money

08 Nov

Worryingly, half of all students said they’d experienced mental health issues as a result of money problems, with 42% also saying hardship takes a toll on relationships with friends and family.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, we received lots comments saying being poor at uni can be a lonely experience.

Mental health charity Student Minds say:– Student life is constantly a battle between surviving and eating and getting an education– All my money goes on rent, I have no money to socialise or even sometimes eat.

It's not just a little bit of money I have to pay toward rent it's as much as £700 each payment along with my maintenance loan– At one point this year I spent over two weeks living solely off things that I had in the house already (tins and freezer food).

As the UK gears up for a new academic year, we investigate how much uni you get for your cash.

It's definitive, insightful and ruthlessly honest: it's the National Student Money Survey 2017.

Loads of you also feel hard done-by on behalf of your folks, saying uni costs strain family finances and make you feel guilty about asking for help.

More students than 2016 also say they work for themselves: self-employment is an obvious fix for a lack of local jobs or heavy study commitments, so we wouldn't be surprised to see this continue to climb.

The Student Loan remains the go-to for uni cash – which is why not having enough of it can cause serious problems.

Despite having hardship funds in place, few students (just 17%) can squeeze cash from their uni in times of need.

Here's also where see a small rise in the number of students – of all genders – who turn to adult work like webcamming, sugar dating, fetish requests and sex to cover their costs.