Dating married housewifes who is sarah silverman dating 2016

01 Jan

My husband has told women the exact same things that I was told by the married.He can't leave his wife because of the kids and how life is miserable and how bad of a wife I am.Here goes: When I was 20 years I met this guy at an event.I gave him my number and right after, a friend told me he was married but going through a divorce and this friend was actually talking to his wife so it didn't bother me he was married because they were done with, so I thought.My husband and I are currently going through a divorce because I just couldn't take it anymore.I always thought I could change him, if I did this differently, if I changed, he would stop the cheating. My husband has cheated on him with over 100 women (chatting on the internet), sex with over 25 women and maybe oral sex from about 35 and he probably couldn't tell you their names.

I told her, I would beat her ass and I would still fuck her man.So for anyone that thinks a married man will actually leave his wife for you, its so far from the truth.If I could apologize to that man's wife, I would, it still hurts that I even behaved that way. Yes, I got what I deserve but no woman deserves to be treated in either manner.He was telling me he loved me and I loved him as well but he couldn't leave his wife because of his son and he wanted to keep his family together.He said he wished he meet me first because then he wouldn't have to cheat, and the list of blah goes on. Finally when I was 24, 2 years after the married man, I meet this man and I was so in love with him, he was everything I wanted and we decided to get married and have a family.He got disciplined at work because he was texting too much and we don't text during the day. I can go on for days about the things he has done but I'm healing and I'm looking forward to getting past this.The saying that your man has a commitment to you, not me is a bunch of bull.He had an ongoing relationship with a chick for 2 years where she would give him head and find girls on the internet to fuck him, he called her, his down as bitch.I confronted her, she didn't even know his real name and was so hurt that he played her.A WOMAN EMAILED THIS TO ME AND I MUST SHARE:*Deep Breath* So I really felt the need to share this because I am so tired of seeing women writing about dating married men and how he won't leave his wife and blah blah blah.I am a 30 year old female and I have wrote before but asked to keep my email private from fb, well this time I want it to be posted on FB.