Dating moody women

29 Oct

She put her other interests on the back burner to spend more time with Rob.

But something happened at about the one-year mark: Rob began to pull back.

Often the "player" eventually tires out or sees his cohort maturing to the next level of commitment.

He fears being left behind and commits to the last person he finds in his arms.

And without healthy, equal partnership, it is hard to fully excel and achieve other important pursuits, particularly for women who plan to have children.

For the ambivalent man, the inability to commit in an emotionally valid way may, paradoxically, reflect an emotionally vulnerable self that he is afraid to recognize out of fear that it will overwhelm him or make him less of a man.

As she recalls their first year together, she smiles and remembers how ardently he pursued her.

It is about forming a mutually pleasurable, emotionally safe relationship with someone with whom you can be a real partner for the long-term.

Longstanding social-science theories suggest that for women, self-image, self-esteem, and identity are tied to having harmonious relationships, in ways that are not as true for many men.

It may be because she believes his very aloofness makes him a more desirable catch.

If she hangs in there long enough, he will eventually commit, and it will mean so much more because he was so ambivalent about her in the beginning.