Dating new site email to email ru

01 Sep

The most creative type of junk mail which has not lost its popularity throughout the years is the so-called “Nigerian” spam.The more romantic authors of these letters target potential victims registered on dating sites.For example, Internet forums have started to publish messages from bewildered visitors to a dating site.They tried to communicate with the authors of the profiles via instant messaging on this website.There are millions of users registered on major dating resources (,, and the popularity of online dating could hardly escape the attention of fraudsters.Spam emails inviting the reader “to meet a nice young girl” or just “spend a night” have become quite common.Any dating site relies heavily on a large user base – so scammers use all their tricks to lure as many visitors as possible. Generally, unsolicited adverts promoting these web resources are distributed using very basic techniques.Most junk emails are messages containing two or three sentences and a link to a dating site. All the author of the email needs is to lure the unwary recipient to a specific web resource – after that it is a purely technical matter.

Online dating sites have long occupied their niche on the Internet.

For example, Russian Internet users have recently started receiving mails inviting them to “adult sites” supposedly connected with the popular Odnoklassniki (classmates) social network.

To access this site, users had to enter their login and password.

However, they gradually realized that, far from flirting with a pretty girl, they were prompting mechanical responses from a robot.

Since each message from the user was sent via a text message – at the user’s expense – the fraudsters quickly racked up profits from each visitor.