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23 Jan

That’s one travel themed date or adventure per month which is essentially an entire YEAR worth of fun.Feel free to select 12 of your own ideas OR surprise your sweetie with ultimate gift idea goodness by scrolling to the bottom of this post.I came up with the gift idea when I was trying to think of an inexpensive, but meaningful gift for my husband.I wished I could afford to just whisk him away for a relaxing, romantic getaway where we could travel the world together!

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So I came up with this Passport to Love gift idea instead! The idea is to ‘travel the world’ together, visiting a different destination each month. With a little creativity, you can turn your living room or bedroom into another country and pretend like you’re going off on a spontaneous, whirlwind getaway. The first item in your Passport to Love kit is a one-of-a-kind card.Many of the templates you'll find here show a rich design sense that rivals high end commercial products.FInally, Stock Layouts might be in the business of selling templates, but they also have a bunch of well-designed free one available as well.Mactopica is a great resource for Mac users of Microsoft Office.What Mactopia's template collection might lack in quantity, it surely makes up for in quality.Feel free to add photos, write-ups, or anything else you may want to add to your travel scrapbook.These stamps would even make a fantastic addition to your regular family scrapbook or photo album- they’re THAT cute! Crank up the travel the world theme of this gift idea even MORE with these printable airline tickets.Any embellishments you don’t use can be saved to dress up your DIY Passport Printable later on. Next up in your kit of passport printable amazingness is your very own Travel Itinerary!This handy dandy planning sheet will help your hubby know exactly which nights to reserve for you.Maybe you’re looking to spice up date night, or you want to travel the world on a super tight budget.Whatever your needs are, this is the PERFECT idea for you!