Dating non jewish women

13 Jan

Jewish men then associate Jewish women with their mothers, and run away in search of more gentle and docile females.

The second idea is a variant of the first and locates the difficulty in the young women themselves.

Jewish young women have a reputation for being high-strung, , and aggressive.

It is true there has been a shift because of women’s lib towards more independent and self-sufficient women.

I propose that thinking about the comparative reality is a hopeless task.

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My impression is that the dynamic of intermarriage is driven by the guys.

But it was a long time ago and there’s no reason to believe that Jewish women today are more high-strung than anyone else.

Every ethnicity can produce their share of high-strung, high maintenance women, but the stereotype is that everyone but Jewish women has undergone twenty years of geisha training.

These preferences are based on feelings and attitudes that are for the most part pre-conscious or unconscious, and many are not aware of any such feelings.

Hence it is important to focus on revealed preferences, what the men do, and not on stated preferences, what they say they want to do.