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17 Sep

I know she loves you because it must have been really hard to tell you that she sinned, especially knowing how much importance you placed on not committing that one particular type of sin. In other words, you are no better and no worse than every other human being, including your fiance.Legalism is not the right word because all Christians should be wanting to please God by following His law.Since that time I have come to realize just how legalistic my nature is and how devoid of true fellowship with God I have been.I am a weekly church attendee, but never someone who goes above and beyond and definitely not someone who pours themselves out for others.In your case, two virgins are not going to get married. Two people who deeply love each other are going to get married.

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My Google searches centered around a whirlwind of emotion and biblical questions which I ran into recently.

This letter peaked my curiosity and on the day before I had planned to propose she told me "the secret" was that she had lost her virginity.

The situation was very unlike everything in her past and present, which I had observed, and obviously not something her parents would be pleased to hear about.

Furthermore, I also think I had inward pride that I had not done what others had done and, therefore, was somehow better.

These lessons have been brought to the light in my life, and I see a brighter future ahead -- complete with 100% service to God.