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07 Nov

These are deeply held values that guide our very lives, just as the stars did for the ancient sailors.

So what happens when we enter into a relationship with someone who navigates by a wholly different set of stars?

But later some very big problems can arise when it comes to children rising. I think marriages between people from different religions are normal thing especial in our modern world without borders. I have a negative attitude to marriages between Muslims (men) and women of other religions.

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Indeed, globalization causes large scale traffic of individuals, ideas, good and services.Have a look at the Arab countries, and there are so many women that are treated like slaves or things.And if parents of a future husband are against such married, it is generally a separate conversation.This problem affects life of thousands people especially in countries where two or more religions are allowed.I think here we should speak firstly about tolerance and understanding other people, about loyalty and passion and about respect.I think that religious differences have nothing with conflicts between people and indeed cannot cause them.The problem is that some individuals try to use these differences between people to artificially create a problem and use it for their own purpose.We’re going to take a look at how you can find that success. If you’ve like most Americans, you’ve spent most of your life around people who share your worldview, at least tangentially. But it’s also going to make you grow, and it might just be a key to a successful relationship with your new partner. Contempt is the biggest killer of interfaith relationships.If you’ve fallen for someone of a different religion, that’s about to change. If you want yours to last, be respectful, even reverent, toward your partner’s belief system.If not, it may be time to look elsewhere for love—for the good of both of you.But if you can accept the differences between the two of you, you can explore your partner’s worldview without contempt or judgment, making our relationship what it should be—a safe place for the both of you to be open regarding your faith.