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08 Sep

We can’t deny, rationalise, minimise, assume and excuse and expect to feel confident and trusting.And you might be wondering — how do we achieve that symmetry of available information in our relationships? We have to be open to knowing more than we already do as well as more than what we assume.We’re always finding out more about those we love and care for (if we’re showing up and taking an interest).Mutual trust happens when each party has consistently shown up over if we get to know people a little before we engage with them in real life.We believe that our attraction to specific profiles or our isolation of particular traits and lifestyle signals that seem like ‘commitment indicators’, will save us from spending time on somebody who isn’t a good fit.

On the flip side though, many people find dating challenging due to feeling as if they can’t trust the information in profiles.

It doesn’t mean we’re ‘fully informed,’ but we’re certainly more armed.

Despite this, we still don’t know a great deal more about our compatibility with someone than we did pre-internet.

Someone can share plenty about themselves, and we still have to get to know them based on our experience of him/her.

No matter the dating site or app, there’s no getting around this. 2) Regardless of our intentions or knowledge, sometimes the other party possesses far greater material knowledge than we do.