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11 Oct

The attempt failed when Iraq refused to accept the resolution and Baghdad thus prevented itself from selling its oil on world markets.

Numerous international observers reported the hardships endured by the general population of Iraq as a result of Baghdad's refusal to cooperate.

What This Means Iraq can now purchase civilian goods much faster, without lengthy review, so long as contracts do not contain potential "dual use" items from the GRL. It is a pre-agreed upon list of items that require additional scrutiny -- so-called "dual-use" items that may have both a legitimate civilian use and a potential military use in a prohibited nuclear, chemical, biological, ballistic missile or conventional military program.

Any and all civilian items not on the GRL can be imported by Iraq with a minimum of delay.

The resolution also prohibits the sale or supply to Iraq of all arms and related materials.

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Iraq took eighteen months to agree with the Security Council on implementation.

The humanitarian situation was serious, but the Iraqi government was not using the authority it had been given under UN Security Council resolutions to import the food, medicine and other humanitarian goods necessary to address immediate needs.

Security Council Resolution 706 of August 15, 1991, proposed initially by the United States, sought to establish a transparent mechanism to allow Iraq to export oil to pay for humanitarian imports.

The New System UN escrow account for Iraqi oil revenue and restrictions on items of potential military and military-related use are maintained.

UN export controls on purely civilian goods purchased by Iraq are lifted.