Dating sims for the ds

22 Jan

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dating sims for the ds-42

Doing so isn’t exactly simple however as dating sims can sometimes be statistics hell, but usually the earning of affection or whatever is through conversation trees, gifting, what have you.Brett, like Becky, also has a number of “Bonus Scenes” which the only purpose of is to give you extra useless items for your useless item gallery.Honestly, I’m not even sure why they’re called bonus scenes anyway since the only one that requires you to do anything special to unlock is the Golden Bonus.The modeling one however, pays double the waitressing job.Halfway through her storyline, Becky will meet another ugly guy, the rich kid Conor, and date him only to be cheated on again.I’ll start by explaining Brett and his story first.In the first scene you start out on a ski lift with Becky, the female protagonist, and that game flat-out tells you that you’re in love with her even though you’re best friends.There it was…sitting there…mocking me on its nice clean page.franchise to care about correctly marketing some low-budget DS game for teens.But this game was promoted and even referred to in the subtitle of certain versions as a dating sim. You’d have to be obnoxiously misguided to think so, but for the sake of readers, let me explain.Clearly you’ve heard of at least one dating sim before or at least games with dating sim elements like .