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27 Sep

It could indeed become like an interactive adventure game or even a training session.Imagine practicing interviewing skills where you give the wrong answer and the video follows path "A" while a right answer takes you along path "B."And, I suppose if the dating simulator was longer, it could become an adventure as opposed to a training experience.The man might ask you to choose the amount of liquid nitrogen to put into the container.If you pick the wrong amount, you get to experience a real 3D explosion occur right in front of you.For instance, you might, regardless of your response, keep moving through the story as additional video clips kept appearing depending on the choices you made.One interesting video to convert to an interactive one might be similar to those science experiments.This list answers the questions, "What are the best dating sim games?

For future episodes, see if you can have at least two or three positive outcome endings that vary with how positively the date ends.List is made up of many different games, including Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love and Chulip.Many of these are Japanese exclusives, so they might be hard to play if you can't read Japanese.If you're going to be making more interactive videos, I'll check in more to see what's new.Those pseudo 360 videos work out well too in the scenarios I've seen them. For a while there though they were releasing videos where one camera (and therefore one eye) was out of focus, which is something that drives me up the wall.If you've never played a dating sim, just know that there isn't much challenge, as it's more of an interactive movie than an actual video game.These highly rated dating sim games are ranked by your votes, so only the greatest dating sim games are at the top of the list.As slimjimbeam seems to note, this format has lots of potential once you get more possible pathways filmed. I quickly lose interest when I see that sort of thing happening.VR video is already coming up against hardware-related quality bottlenecks on the capture side even when the execution is perfect, and I don't think the medium can afford any additional levels of quality degradation.That's similar to a lot of video and mobile games where with a little luck, you advance through the game.On the other hand, you have a great idea with the interactivity angle.