Dating site for obesity

02 Dec

Just because we come equipped with a factory for making more of us doesn't change that.Either you are competent to bear and raise a child, or you aren't, and if you aren't and we let you do it, the social cost is .shivers As long as obesity stays, even if women became less promiscuous and more loyal, the competition would still be about being a HIGH SMV male when there's a huge portion of women that are undateable solely because of their uncontrollable consumption of mcdonalds.An average girl can go up 2-3 points on her sexual value based on the percentage of obese women, and if this number keeps increasing then what you'd define to be a 5 would soon become a 7 because of its scarcity.I met a former fat girl who was obviously making up for lost time with the men. Trouble was, she had a tremendous amount of really bad loose skin all over her.Really nice girl and all, and good on her for getting herself down to a normal size, but man, her body was a disaster. lots of betas have frighteningly low standards otherwise how would some of those landwhales (ughh! (shudder)I have a friend who during his first year residency as a dr, one day came over to my place to get stoned after a long shift and he was telling me how he was currently working at a public hospital in a lower socio economic area (full of westies and bogans) as the 'obstetrics registrar' and said to me when I asked how work was, and he said "It's making me sick as all I am doing is delivering babies to these morbidly obese women with insipid skinny little husbands"I his disgust and I'm sure the 'obese bitch/skinny father with a 'big dick' (that can reach past the fat! It's frightening Getting pregnant whilst morbidly obese (or over 35, for that matter) should count as child abuse.

I don't know about you, but it makes me livid to think that this sort of progress is being delayed strictly because of some fuckers in congress deciding it's not good. Frankly I don't give a shit if it's unfair. I want to see humans not dying ignoble deaths because cancer is rotting their fucking insides.Ugly will become average, and average will become hot.and anything that would be hot would become a It isn't even fucking fat women that is the problem; practically everyone has banged a chubby girl at some point.Imo the bigger issue is the anti-natural way of reproduction by our species, are we getting smarter and smarter in average, I could really debate that (you could just look at all the movies they pump out).Are we becoming less intelligent as a whole race because of short term greed by some group of people?All those dicks apparently drilled some sense into them because they realized the reality of the situation and fixed their shit.Truth be told a reformed fat girl is one of the best bets for an LTR.That is to say, there's ample evidence that bad outcomes (criminality, poverty, etc) arise from things like fatherless households, criminal households, etc.You're creating an entire person (or people) who is likely to be devoted to being a parasite on society.The problem is giving them attention/relationship despite the fat.The reformed fat girls I know have both (there are only two) said they got fed up with being the 2am safe bet for a cavalcade of cocks.