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It is generally accepted that the martial arts developed its roots in ancient China among the monks who used weaponless fighting techniques to protect themselves.So go ahead, check it out, it's free to browse, there are thousands of member's looking to meet and have more than a little bit of friendly conversation. Click Here To Meet Someone Tonite Sitemap | Adultery | Affairs | Cuckhold | Housewive | Infidelity | Finding Housewife's The internet has opened the door for anything that anybody is interested in...allows them to be curious on their on time and in the privacy of their own home (or office if the boss isn't looking).Online dating site of all types are the most highly trafficked on the web.The system's founder taught jujitsu in a structured and methodical manner.For the next several hundred years, the martial arts were refined by Samurai who made a lifetime study of some twenty or thirty martial arts.There are more than 1,000 different forms of martial arts scattered around the world and dating back more than 2,000 years ago.When the martial arts started and where no one really knows.In our western culture we can date the development of martial arts such as archery and wrestling to ancient Greece.However there is evidence that martial art training dates to Babylonian times.Of these arts only one was based on weaponless self defense — jujitsu.By the mid-1800's more than 700 different jujitsu systems existed.