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02 Sep

Similarly, ONI distributes interrogation applications to trusted volunteers who run the software inside the state.For testing, ONI obtains network access at multiple levels through: During initial testing, we use remote computers located in countries that filter.These remote computers are located behind the state's firewalls yet allow access to clients connecting from the wider Internet.We attempt to access the URL and domain name lists through these computers to reveal what content is filtered, and how consistently it is blocked.The UAE has successfully prosecuted people who attempted to bypass Etisalat's exclusive telecommunications access.Two people who set up a voice-over Internet protocol (Vo IP) router and transferred calls from the Internet to the UAE telephone system were sentenced to three months in jail plus a substantial fine.The sole ISP, Etisalat, is owned by the state, which makes filtering a substantially easier proposition than if many private ISPs served the state's citizens.

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ONI's testing of the UAE filtering regime also found blocking of sites on the Bahai faith, Middle East-oriented gay and lesbian issues, and English-language (though not Arabic-language) dating sites.Politically, terrorism is a focus, and the security forces monitor extremist groups.Thus, it is not clear when other ISPs will be permitted to offer services in the UAE, nor whether the state will require them to filter material as well. The state ranked very low on the freedom of the press list compiled by Reporters Sans Frontières in 2004 - at 137 out of 167 countries.These tools download the ONI testing lists and check whether specific URLs and domains are accessible from that point on the network.Interrogation devices are designed to run inside a state (i.e., behind its firewall) to perform specific, sensitive functions with varying degrees of stealth.In November 2003, UAE blocked America Online's (AOL) Web site because it advertised a "tunneling service" that allowed users to bypass the filtering proxy server.ONI performs technical testing across multiple levels of access at multiple time intervals.[and] publishing opinions violating public decency, what purports to inciting hate crimes, confidential communications or military affairs or provisions of agreements or treaties concluded by the government before being published in the official gazette.The law further prohibits publishing anything that involves blemishing any Arab, Islamic or friendly country president.Conversion of Muslims to other faiths is a sensitive issue.Dating services that allow dating non-Muslims are also of concern.