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19 Dec

Since we founded our firm in 1993, we have been providing clients and potential clients alike with sound legal counsel in all areas of Colorado family law - from custody of their children to property distribution to collaborative divorce.

To learn your legal rights and options, contact a Colorado family lawyer at The Harris Law Firm. Often in divorce and child custody proceedings, it is the children who suffer the most.

We are available to help you with your Unum short term and long term disability claim at either the application stage, continuance of claim, ERISA appeal, lawsuit, or a lump-sum buyout.

It is our job to make sure that Unum pays you the disability benefits you are entitled to receive.

Yet make this same confession to the buyer's agent you're working with, and it's all fine—this professional would know to keep this info private from sellers (and their agents) so it can't be used against you.

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It's a jungle out there: Prepare for a flurry of paperwork, stampedes of buyers competing for the same digs, and other challenges before you get your hands on those house keys.

"Think about it this way: If you were getting sued, would you hire the same attorney as the person suing you? You need someone who will diligently fight for your interests and rights." Let's say, for instance, you walked up to the listing agent at an open house and gushed about how you love the home and want to buy it, but you will need to move soon because you're expecting your second child and need to decorate the nursery pronto, or the lease on your rental is up in a couple of months.

A seller's agent could then use this information against you by informing the seller that your clock is ticking, so they shouldn't budge too much on their asking price—or at all.

What do you think my chances are of keeping the long term disability with them.

I really can not work and need the money to live on.