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02 Mar

I don't meet a whole lot of people in person like that.

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Then I sent it to sports editor Ryan Sharp and asked if he might prefer it as a column, since there’s always Nebraska football interest. Nebraskans still cherish the remnants of their rivalry with the Sooners, and that’s true even if it means just reading an Oklahoma writer. In fact, most of them thanked me for treating them with dignity during their duress. I hope Nebraska can reclaim a little bit of glory at some point. What great great memories of these two storied programs. Enjoyed your writeup, please continue to do more and keep the spirit of those two great programs in our hearts. ” Great reference to KOMA, the heavyweight Oklahoma City station that once was a giant in America radio. And suddenly that was diminished by divisional play, and then it was gone altogether. First of all, let me say, I so deeply miss the NU-OU annual game at Thanksgiving. I remember all the pregame smack talk before the ‘70 game of the century. In western Nebraska we couldn’t pick up the station till after dark.Phil Jackson talked about growing up in North Dakota and listening to KOMA. Texas, Florida and the southern states are the mecca of football talent these days.Justin: “Berry, wanted to send you a thanks note for continuing to do occasional Husker articles. And as for geography, it absolutely is NOT the same as it was from 1962-2001. One perspective you didn't address is what a lot of us Husker fans feel was primary in the fall.As a Husker, it is fun to think that our storied rivalry is still alive. That would be a university chancellor that had a law degree and thought he knew everything (even football).Avant que nous puissions vous montrer une liste et des photos de femmes qui vivent près de chez vous et sont prêtes à avoir des relations sexuelles dès maintenant nous devons nous poser quelques questions rapides. Gather close as you search zoo grounds for the elusive Bigfoot, but be careful, he might be squatching you.The boss said absolutely, so I spruced it up for my Wednesday column and wrote about the Huskers’ hopes for new coach Scott Frost. It was a bunch of interesting reactions, so I thought I would share some of them. I'm glad to see OU doing really well during most years.”Never ceases to amaze me how the Husker fans hold dear their history with the Sooners. To this day still makes me so sad that we still aren’t playing at Thanksgiving. We are going to be fine since Scott Frost came home. Reminds me of a story from years ago, 2009, when the Lakers came through for a game. It seems fairly indisputable that the Upper Midwest is not the fertile football ground it was in days gone by. There was a lot of good-loving music listening to KOMA when parked drinking beer on a country gravel road.Thanks for continuing that history, and I am looking forward to our upcoming home and home. Chancellor was protecting his budget until the big donors started to freak out. Pelini was a commercial for what you don't need in a head coach. Yes, he was out of control, but if he would have shown some remorse, I think Husker fans would have forgiven him.Go Big Red (and a Boomer when we aren't playing each other).”Interesting to me that Justin obviously isn’t an old-timer. Unnamed: “All the major football programs have had bad stretches. It was not a surprise to see him get fired by another guy with a law degree that thought he knew everything.