Dating violence prevention video

29 Aug

Purchase info Target Audience: Varies This exciting new media literacy tool, uses videos about racially diverse issues and examples.Students (both males and females) are led to evaluate for themselves how they participate in maintaining cultural expectations that can lead to violence.While girls are by far the most often abused, the fact that boys also can be victims of dating abuse is discussed.Purchase info Target Audience: Parents and other influential adults Shows, contests and online tools are aimed at halting the spread of sexting and cyberbullying.He honors hip-hop while challenging the rap music industry to take responsibility for encouraging destructive, deeply conservative stereotypes of manhood. Hurt is a former star college quarterback, longtime hip-hop fan, and gender violence prevention educator.View Target Audience: 9th Grade Jean Kilbourne continues her groundbreaking study of advertising's images of women in this most recent update of her Killing Us Softly series.While most of the story takes place in Minnesota, filming also occurred in New York and Baltimore.

During the one-woman performance, the actress tells the story of how a relationship that started as friendship blossomed into love and then became violent.View PSATarget Audience: High School, Early College Dating is an important part of becoming an adult. This Emmy Award-winning program looks at common myths, such as "no" really means, "yes." Abuse and respect, sexual stereotypes, how to break up, and preventing violence are all discussed, along with what love is … Purchase info Target Audience: 6th Grade This program explores how abusers use violence and separate their partners from friends and family in order to gain complete control.Real teens talk about what they think abuse is and why they may be at risk for abuse in romantic relationships.Purchase info Target Audience: 9th Grade This film provides a look at manhood, sexism, and homophobia in hip-hop culture.Director Byron Hurt uses the documentary to evaluate alarming trends in the world of rap music.Whether he's looking at bullying and school shootings or gay bashing, sexual assault, and violence against women, Katz makes a powerful case that male violence, misogyny, and homophobia are linked to how we define manhood.Purchase or streaming info Target Audience: Teens, Early College, Coaches and other professionals in a school setting This educational "kit" includes a 15-minute video, a discussion and resource guide, an informational poster, and colorful "Safe Space" stickers.A Thin Line can be used as a talking tool to open up a conversation on digital abuse, test awareness, and help encourage action on the issue at home or in school.Offers access to additional resources and curricula that can be paired with the videos and PSAs (in the Start A Conversation section).She picks apart a number of print and television advertisements to show a pattern of negative gender stereotypes.Viewers are challenged to consider the relationship between advertising and broader issues of culture, identity, sexism, and gender violence.