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11 Feb

He told the magazine that he noticed during a chat with friends that everyone seemed to be taking the dating app way too seriously, and he just wanted to have a good laugh.

But, that doesn't mean he didn't put a little thought into it.

Personal or business coaching has helped thousands change their lives and achieve their goals.

You may think I'm referring to the horrors of online dating, but I am not. In my experience as online dating coach, I've seen that it is much riskier to meet someone using traditional dating avenues: bars, grocery stores, the office or at a party.No one can accuse this guy of not giving his Tinder profile his all!Jude Senese is a 31-year-old art director from Boston who decided to take his dating life into his own very weird hands.Is coaching just a buzzword to capture another niche market of those seeking instant gratification and on the spot success? He gets into your mind and pinpoints what motivates you and which exercises you enjoy.He designs a program with your physical condition and goals in mind.The humiliation of face-to-face rejection (being told you're not good enough, pretty enough or smart enough to date a person you're interested in) is gut-wrenching. Luckily, as with most modern dilemmas, "there's an app for that." Recently, I discovered b Tru, an app that allows singles to not only call their date from within the app without divulging their phone number but also run an employment level background check on them.Online dating and texting has created a buffer to soften the blow of receiving bad news, allowing people to take bigger risks in finding love. Herb Rim, founder of b Tru says, "With b Tru, you can get the truth before you agree to a date.He apparently wasn't having the best luck with traditional dating avenues, so he decided to turn to good ol' Tinder.But, being a creative and all, he wasn't going to settle for the requisite Facebook pictures and a statement about how he's "just trying to meet people." Instead, he went straight into left field to build his Tinder profile.Rejection Is Harder in Person -- It's been said that with great risk comes great reward and that has never been more true than in matters of the heart.If you cannot open up to someone or simply ask a person on a date knowing that there is a high probability you will be rejected, you will have a hard time finding true love. New Technology Gives Peace of Mind -- Two of the most common complaints I hear from online daters is that they are averse to giving out their phone number and they wish they could ensure the person they were chatting with online is real.