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07 Nov

In Los Angeles, we are blessed with the gift of unlimited options.

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It’s funny because I would get text messages nearly every day for a few months last year of people telling me I was their mutual friend and wanting to know about their match.It was a slow burn, and I collected lots of matches who said nothing to me (after I’d made it clear in some adorable and clever way on my profile that I don’t send the first message…), so I was almost ready to give up again. But, then I met someone I actually clicked with on Tinder and we started officially dating, so I signed off all the apps and settled down.But then, I received non-sexually harassing messages! When that little tryst ended, I was a little hurt and jaded about the whole thing, so I gave it a rest for the summer.But when fall came along…oh man the never-ending heat made Lauren a teensy bit stir-crazy and interested in restarting the dating game.I re-joined Tinder, Hinge, a new app called Coffee Meets Bagel, and Ok Cupid.I thought if I played matchmaker, I could rack up some good karma. I barely talked to anyone, and deleted this app eventually.What I will say about Hinge is that people tend to be a bit classier and less sexually abrasive on the app.It was more like inappropriately emotional relationships with friends that usually resulted in some kissing and then me being confused.Dating is too clear of a word, so that context was necessary. I wasn’t super vocal about this little bout of Tinder dates though, because playing into this was a weird sense of shame.I guess that means people think it’s for more serious daters. I also now have some bitter-theories about the kind of guy who goes on an app that makes ladies do most of the work – but I won’t go there. Have fun beautiful people…this app probably works wonders for you.This is pretty true in my experience, it seems that most people I’ve matched with and chatted with are genuinely interested in finding something a little less casual and more on the “headed toward a relationship” spectrum. And I will say, that CMB is really great at sending reminders to chat with people (your matches expire after a week – which is helpful! They try really hard to foster good matches, and sometimes they even throw in a bonus “bagel” which is a fun surprise. Literally the only person who ended up responding to me was a family friend who I call my cousin. This is my least favorite of all the apps I’ve tried.