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02 Sep

Many Germans drive to the city for the weekend looking for fun and UK stag parties also for the weekend.

I think Prague is an anything goes city in terms of nightlife.

If you’re thinking what else here might please your taste buds, try a dessert from the in-house bakery or even their great raspberry lemonade. In addition to coffee specialities, they also serve breakfast, light lunches, and glasses of excellent wine in the evenings.

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For sheer atmosphere, check out some classic pubs where seemingly time stands still, such as U Jelínků, with over a century of tradition. Few cities can claim to have such a picturesque river as the Vltava.

The city has about 800,000 single girls between 18 and 35.

The reason is, like Krakow, Poland, Prague, Czech Republic is a student town. I have never recommended Czech girls for marriage, however, I am sure there are some nice ones that could be potential brides.

And just as Charles Bridge is an inseparable part of the Prague Castle panorama, the silhouette of the railway bridge is linked with the view of Vyšehrad.

The Vltava embankment is quite a popular part of Prague community life.