Dealing with parents dating after death

06 Mar

With death comes grief – sometimes terrible, devastating sadness that seems as if it will never end. For most, this period lasts from six months to a year, the periods of sadness gradually lessening over time.

However, as 80-year-old poet and children’s book author Judith Viorst notes, seniors have already experienced “bad stuff” – holes in the brain from which names and dates have dropped, ailments you’ve never heard of, and attending funeral after funeral of dear friends and family.

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If you get married at 65, you could be together for 30 years.

For most of their lives, they’ve been on the short end of the stick, facing unemployment and moving back home to live with parents, but the tides are turning economically and socially.

In addition to solving the problems of excessively expensive healthcare, deteriorating infrastructure, and growing income inequality, Gen-Xers must also cope with the likelihood that Dad or Mom will not retire quietly and simply settle into babysitting, knitting, or teaching grandkids how to whittle.

In some cases, the couple will decide to get married, although a growing number of seniors are content to just live together.

Nevertheless, the new arrangement adds another dimension to the parent-adult child relationship with emotional, financial, and generational complications.