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19 Nov

And I surely would support the law which You say about in Your first messages in this topic. Men do not disaprove of circumcision, its just carried out because it is best.Yes, we inferiors males must be dealt with very harshly if we want humankind survive on this globe. Castration would be accepted, you would be surprised how quickly it would be accepted.The donkey balls I have saved and they are such a conversation piece as they sit in my living room.My girl friends giggle and always ask to see them, where my male friends seem a bit afraid.Sue I think most Womyn like to tease and inflame their partners lust and without his balls their lust would diminish.Many Womyn are starting to fully understand their sexuality and its potency.when that happens womyn will be stronger than men physically and in every other thing.gautam Im one of those guys that some of you wierd women say they would castrate. Why pay for a gym when sex far better and free at almost any time.

Your arguements Sue Linda and Julia are compelling about the safety aspect for Womyn and Girls.

But I think that with male re education to respect the superior sex most rapes would never happen.

Could we males not have our genitalia controled in chastity devices to protect Womyn.

Knowing that these male animals, now had no sex drive and I had taken that away from them. They were egg shapped, white in color, and soft in touch.

We later sliced one open and seen the veins that run thru them.