Delonte west and lebron james mom dating

06 Jan

This season he played 25 minutes a game during the regular season for the 61-win Cavs.

I assumed he was hurt worse than initially reported, but Danny Ferry says he won’t be having surgery. Le Bron is quickly becoming one of the most talked about basketball athletes in the world.He's won several honors during his time as a player for the Cleveland Cavaliers.Delonte West stopped playing as much and Le Bron’s numbers fell of a cliff.Here are Delonte West’s minutes in the playoffs: First Round vs.Aside from that, the highlight of the game may have come from action off the court...Read Full Story Gloria James is Le Bron James' mother.The rumor – something went on between Delonte West and Le Bron James’ mother, Gloria.Rumor has it that Le Bron found out before Game 4 which is where the entire series changed.She gave birth to Le Bron on December 30, 1984, and has always been very supportive of his talents.Gloria once created controversy when she was able to secure an ,000 loan to buy Le Bron an H2 Hummer for his 18th birthday because the bank took into consideration Le Bron's future earnings potential. Read Full Story Le Bron James: Facts Born December 30, 1984 in Ohio Joined the Cleveland Cavaliers as first overall pick in the 2003 draft Won NBA Most Valuable Player honor in 20 Is someone trying to cause a fight between Cleveland Cavaliers players Le Bron James and Delonte West?