Derek jeter dating madonna

31 Jan

The good folks at Sports Illustrated just released a sneak preview of Hannah's new spread in the 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition ... By the way, the pics were taken just weeks after she learned she was pregnant!!!!

But, is there really any truth to these claims tabloids have been making for years? The man has also dated Adriana Lima, Hannah Davis, Minka Kelly, Vida Guerra, Bridget Hall and countless other Hollywood A and B list beauties.

Sites like R2 have long lists of celebrities with Herpes.

The list is really long, numbering to about 52, and from the look of it, not many people were excluded from it.

In fact, some forms of research have stated that two out of five women have herpes.

The only problem is that when one is a celebrity, this disease becomes a well known fact and one cannot possibly hide it from the public.