Derek rake online dating

02 Nov

I mean, who knows who is being truthful online, especially when they get paid to write a product review? Note: this is not Cal Pont, in case you’re wondering.

My name is Sam, and I’ve been invited to write this review of the Shogun Method to provide an unbiased opinion of the program as a user and client.

In his case, Jon was going through an unhappy, unrewarding marriage: “I was uncomfortable throughout the whole process, because I used to be a nice guy with high moral values.

As such, I don’t gain anything if you decide to buy Shogun Method or not. These are typically the “Pickup Artist” (or PUA) types who are out to “pick up” or “seduce” women into going to bed with them. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you cannot use Shogun Method to approach women and get them to bed with you.

While most PUA advice solves only one problem at a time (and therefore maximizing profits)… And that’s to have a strong, happy, lifelong relationship with a woman of your dreams.

That makes Derek Rake’s system pretty much the last program you’ll ever join if that’s your goal.

It was downright embarrassing when my friends called when they saw those pictures on Facebook.

(My sister even threatened to fly over to Thailand and bitch-slap her on my behalf.) She was playing hardcore mind games on me. 🙁 Sick with heartbreak and torment, I decided to take action.