Dhcp not updating dns on domain controller

30 Dec

Because we run on a WORKGROUP I could not state a domain name to use.

My question is - Is there a way to run a DHCP on Windows Server 2008 without setting up a domain or DNS? I never ad any problem to setup a DHCP server into a workgroup.

I constructed a relay to 1.1, which is the internal (southbound) L3 address on my Meraki, to handle DHCP requests from the lab’s VLAN 10 and VLAN 20.

I released the DHCP lease on a client and made sure that it acquired a new lease via the Meraki.

If you have many computers, use the -searchbase switch with get-adcomputer to limit the number of computers returned each time.

If the computer is not joined to AD it will never be returned from get-adcomputer.

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Because my lease timers are set rather high (7 days), I wasn’t too worried about doing this during production.Finally, if I needed those updates to be GSS-TSIG signed, then the keytab file will need to be installed on the DNS grid member, right?the lab again, this time to uplift my Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) from Windows Server 2008 R2 to Windows Server 2012 R2 and shift around the DHCP services to a different endpoint.Surprisingly enough, the single forest / single domain structure that lives in my lab – – is nearly 10 years old.I consider it a mark of pride that it’s survived so long, especially being from Windows Server 2000 roots.Low DHCP lease durations (in the hours) are sometimes used for wireless subnets.Be mindful of the performance of your servers though, especially if you have a DNS server set to scavenge every few hours on very large DNS zones. Now, we understand the problem, when the problem happens, and how to prevent it.This is a pretty straightforward Power Shell script. This will only return duplicate IP addresses registered to actual computer accounts in Active Directory.Keep in mind it will query every computer in an Active Directory domain and then it will do a DNS query to get the IP address.This is really aimed at finding records in DNS that contain duplicate IP addresses because of the scenario listed above.Hi there I am experimenting with Ghost software (FOG Project). Beware about the fact a DHCP server on a standalone Windows 2008 server will stop if it detects an "authorized" DHCP server.