Diablo 3 stuck at updating tools 100

05 Feb

As we announced a little while back, with the upcoming release of patch 2.0.1, your Diablo III launcher will be automatically updated to our new desktop app for You can upgrade now if you like, but if you haven't done so yourself by the time patch day rolls around, here’s a quick heads up about what you can expect.In this article, we’re going to focus on the update issue where gets stuck at 0%.

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Many users wish they had other options at their disposal, such as manually installing the latest patches.Also, I did this to fix the bootloader not found issue, however, this should work with just about any issue as this completely re-installs everything.You will need two mice for this, your steelseries one, and another one to navigate while that is not usable (that is if you are fixing a mouse, if you are fixing a keyboard have two of those, ect.). Remove all steelseries software from the computer (Engine, firmware updater, ect.) Note: if you have both steelseries engine 3 and steelseries engine 2 (just called steelseries engine) just remove the one that pertains to what you are fixing 2.3) If the firmware still doesn't update correctly, could you try the update on another computer to see if it successfully completes?If it still does not, please take note of what percentage it fails at and please create a troubleshooting ticket with this information in the description.2) Virus protection software has been known to hinder the firmware update process through protocol filtering.To fix this, add the Steel Series and Steel Series Engine to your exclusions list.For more information on Battle.net, check out the web page and Support article.Heads up for those who've already upgraded their launcher to (or who plan to do so before Patch 2.0.1 launches): On patch day, you will also have to go through a code-optimization process similar to what's outlined Step 1 above. Expect it to take 15 to 60 minutes or so, and keep in mind your computer might run a little slower than usual during the process. While many people have no use for this guide, I recently had a bootloader issue and nobody seemed to know what to do, in fact, steelseries' own help page is horribly outdated and has links to pages that no longer exist, so I thought I would post this in the hope that I can help people in the future.