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18 Feb

Complex: How did you get on Ludacris' "My Chick Bad (Remix)"? I just wanna see what you can bring to the table." So the first time I did it, I was hoarse. But for myself, I have a song called, "Smash the Homies," that we're about to do a video for. You hear the word "bitch" a lot and women get offended by bitch, bitch, bitch, but I took the word and I applied it to women for us to flip it around in a fun kind of way and say this is music for the ladies.Diamond: Ludacris and Lil Scrappy are on the same label and I think I was at Scrappy's video shoot and Ludacris came up to me and said, "I got this record and it's crazy. I'd just gotten over the flu, so I didn't like it and I told him I wanted to do it over and he allowed me to do it over. Everybody likes it and I'm just glad to be a part of it, representing the youth, reppin' the A. Complex: That guest spot really put you back out front in the mainstream. Everybody should be on the lookout for that in the summertime. Teeth is my manager, so he's over all my visuals, and it's more than likely he'll be shooting all my videos.. But it's bitchy music, too, as in catty, because sometimes people be like, "Oh, you trying to be a bitch." But the music is real girl power-ish or dominant, talking about going to the mall in a Maserati.Diamond: Actually I like that the "Girl Power" thing is going on because I was kinda getting bored.For a minute nobody was out there doing anything and I feel like with anything it should be variety. Diamond: People know me for the sassiness and being real loud and my "Girl Power"-like style. I wanna get into the whole L' Oreal endorsement thing or a fashion line.I mean, at first, I was still trying to see what would happen with Crime Mob and when I realized nothing was gonna happen, it was about survival..then as it turned into a solo thing, I was like, "I like this, it's fun." I don't have to divide my money five ways.

Complex: With Nicki Minaj going strong, how do you see yourself laying claim as a female MC?

An affinity for the finer things in life earned 22-year-old Brittany Nicole Carpenter the moniker Diamond, but it's been her durability since her acrimonious 2007 departure from Crime Mob—the platinum-selling quintet known for hit singles like "Knuck If You Buck," "Rock Yo Hips," and "Stilettos (Pumps)"—that's cemented her resemblance to the indestructible stone.

In the three years since going for dolo as a solo artist, Miss 32 Flavaz has become a grown-ass woman—literally, figuratively and, most importantly, lyrically.

The Atlanta native's three-volume mixtape series, , easily confirms that her 16s have become honed on a, uh, diamond edge.

Having recently hopped on Ludacris' "My Chick Bad (Remix)," the sultry MC is prepping a takeover with an as-yet-untitled debut album that boasts production from Three 6 Mafia, Jim Jonsin, and Fat Boi, with guest spots from Keri Hilson, B.o. Complex caught up with Diamond on tour to talk about her post-breakup career and why she's known as the 32nd flavor... Diamond: At first there was no communication, or there was a lack of communication—didn't nobody really see each other—but now we're talking.