Diddy and sarah chapman dating

03 Sep

No, our headline isn't implying that Diddy and Kim Porter are having children out of wedlock again.

But the music mogul's baby mama did show up for his 38th birthday party this week in Miami, looking rather pleased to be there. The same day entertainment news outlets leaked the story of Diddy's illegitimate child with Sarah Chapman, the music superstar was spotted out and about with Kim Porter... Say what you want about Sean Combs and his poor taste in women (Sienna Miller, really?

Hollywood reported that Kim was continuously caressing Diddy and sharing smooches and kisses on cheeks and later took a romantic stroll on the Caribbean island in Malibu. Looks like the pair is having fun going on secret dates, escaping from the eyes of the public, just like a teenage romance!

Being together for more than thirteen years, Kim Porter finally called quits from her on-off relationship with P. Porter was heavily pregnant with couple's twin daughters D'Lila Star and Jessie James during that time and their official break-up left all their fans in shock who were expecting wedding bells. On an interview with People.com, Cassie finally revealed the major reason behind their split up.

Here are some highlights from it: Okay, so Diddy likes to check out Jessica Biel.

While he could learn a thing or two about social tact, it's hard not to be enamored with that booty. As for Diddy partying (and possibly sleeping with) Sienna Miller, there's probably not a lot to that rumor.

Kim Porter discovered the advantages of being Diddy's occasional girlfriend this week.

The music mogul invited 30 guests - including Grey's Anatomy actress Ellen Pompeo, co-star Sara Ramirez and Pompeo's husband Chris Ivery - to Murano Restaurant & Lounge to celebrate Porter's 38th birthday.

He belongs to an American society and his real name is Sean John Combs. Diddy was born on November 4, 1969, in Manhattan’s Harlem neighborhood in New York City. He was the son of mother Janice and father, Melvin Earl Combs.

He had worked as a talent director at Uptown Record, labeled as Bad Boy Entertainment in 1993, had released album No Way Out in 1997, Forever in 1999, The Saga Continues… Besides this, he hasn’t revealed any information about his birth facts as well as his childhood.

Diddy had graduated from the Roman Catholic Mount Saint Michael Academy in 1987.

), but the man does seem to be fairly responsible when it comes to his children. Magazine is beginning to be a leading source of celebrity gossip.

It had the exclusive Britney Spears meltdown two weeks ago - and now it has an interview with Kim Porter coming out in its latest issue.