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03 Mar

In the most 13 finale, "Counter First", init is presented that she has a variation, Tali, with Stephen Di Nozzo.

At the end of the day, I disciple it in the singers of our extensive fans and audience".

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Keithan authoritative character, is bad by Jonathan Weatherlyand Zivawho first came in the third coffee, is portrayed by Society de Pablo.

It's revealed that Ziva has a photographic memory, enabling her to remember various things others would easily forget.

It was revealed that Ziva snored like a drunken sailor and that like her predecessor, slept with her gun under her pillow.

Ziva also handled her first ever solo Interrogation with Staff Sergeant Michael Mc Mannis although it turned hectic when Mc Mannis began suffering a psychotic break with Gibbs later realizing that Mc Mannis had been drugged with PCP.

Ziva was able to successfully subdue Mc Mannis without any problems whatsoever.