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07 Mar

The problem is that this light, which mimics the brightness of the sun, confuses your brain into thinking it's daytime, even during the dead of night.This in turn stops your brain from releasing melatonin, the hormone which induces sleep, and prevents you from falling asleep.Regardless of whether you are worried about your sleep, we can all benefit from a daily break from our smartphones and other screens.Related Articles: Court rules cell phones are causing brain tumors New Study: 30 minutes exposure to 4G cell phone radiation affects brain activity How cell phone radiation exposure affects the blood François Bérenger Saunière was a priest in the French village of Rennes-le-Château from 1885-1909 and discovered documents hidden in his church showing the genealogy of the Merovingians going back to Jesus and Mary. The documents showed that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and had children who grew up in southern France.

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Although the success of these treatment centres has yet to be established, their necessity paints a dark picture of the technological age in which we live.

The condemnation of Mary Magdalene as the sinful harlot, the Donation of Constantine, and the papal annihilation of the Cathars during the Albigensian Crusade were all in response to this perceived threat that the Grail Family posed to the power structure of the church.

Dual Grail Family succession (descended from Jesus and James) ended with the death of King Arthur. His real father was an extraterrestrial Pleiadian named Gabriel (who also helped create the Islamic faith).

The science of why the blue light emitted by mobile devices keeps people awake has led to the discovery of a photoreceptor called Melanopsin.

Though we've long been familiar with the various cones and rods that construct our vision, Melanopsin was discovered recently in retinal ganglion cells, which are sensitive to blue light.