Drinker dating a non drinker

19 Sep

They also become more aggressive and are more likely to get into fights.

Remarkably, researchers have found that young adults who binge drink, but who do not get into fights, are much more likely to become the victims of violence compared with those who do not binge drink.

So if you suspect that your partner has tendencies towards binge drinking, avoid organizing your dates around events where you alcohol will be served in unlimited quantities.

He/she can get in touch with a doctor or counselor or even your local AA chapter who will outline the path of treatment or guide the drinker to where he/she can get help.

However the first step is to get your partner to admit the fact that he/she has a problem.

Worst of all, your out-of-control partner could turn on you and inflict verbal or even physical violence on you.

Needs to seek treatment Binge drinking is often one of the most difficult forms of alcoholism to treat.