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13 Sep

But as a pragmatist businessman, social entrepreneur and activist (these are the terms he uses to describe himself) he simply decided to answer the demand.

Prior to the event, participants have been sent various forms to fill in as well as documents explaining the event’s general principles.

No later than last week, an angry woman spat at him during the marriage event he organised in the context of the Global Peace and Unity conference at Ex Cel.

Nevertheless, the popularity of his events has not ceased to grow as the continuous flow of participants entering the room on this early Sunday afternoon testifies.

Second and third generations are not very keen to marry a relative or someone coming from the ‘village’, poorly versed in English or/and poorly educated.Some enter with siblings and friends who can quietly observe the session from the back of the room, after which ‘brothers’ are seated on one side and ‘sisters’ on the other.A mother scans men with an air of disapproval: “They are all over 40. ” she complains as she takes a seat next to me, waving at her 26-year old daughter who already joined the group of ‘sisters’.On the poster installed at the entrance of the room, one can read: “Don’t date! Mirzan has been a board member of a shariah council a while back: it is this experience that made him aware of the need for such a service as more and more Muslims are getting divorced nowadays – a fact that reflects a broader trend within the general British population.However, match making, even under an Islamic framework, remains controversial: Mirzan admits receiving regular threats from Muslims who consider his activity haram (illicit) and contrary to Islam.One of the documents is entitled ‘general etiquette’.Some lines attract my amused attention: Participants gradually fill the room.“Re-building the Muslim nation is the best way to find a partner. No one will help you if you don’t help yourself first! Your family from now on is your cell phone and the internet!Charity work is always a good option: when you give something out of pure generosity, you always get something back from Allah! Success depends on three things: 1) your intention: you need to be ready for marriage, 2) your attitude: it has to be right, 3) success is from Allah!Like when one is hunting for a job, “one’s best allies are friends and family”.“Partners should be looked for everywhere: at the work place or at the university”, participants are told.