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29 Oct

Check if there are any country-specific eligibility rules for you to study Master's studies*Note that the process if different if you are applying as an exchange student or as a part of a cooperation programme (such as Erasmus ).*If you have studied your entire Bachelor's programme in Sweden and all of your academic credits are in Ladok, you do not have to submit transcripts or your diploma when applying for a Master's programme.

In addition to the documents mentioned under Step 2, you must also submit a portfolio, a portfolio summary page, a statement of purpose and a CV when you apply for this programme. Please note that these programme-specific documents should be submitted directly to Lund University (not to University Admissions in Sweden).

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Exactly 1 year and 1 day after tearing your ACL on that exact same field.

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Graduates of the Master’s Programme in Industrial Design go on to successful careers and can be found at brands such as Google, Ikea, Sony, Tetra Pak, Husqvarna, Haglöfs, Electrolux, H&M, and many more.Students will become authorities in their chosen subject, whether in their conceptually creative, strategic or technical capacity.Above all, the Master’s programme in Industrial Design encourages the in-depth debate and deliberation of the discipline.If a student is unable to participate in the optional activities, alternative assignments in Lund will be given.Please note: Field trips may be subject to cancellation/alteration due to unforeseeable circumstances, such as natural disasters and/or visa denial.The Master’s programme in Industrial Design focuses on three themes: Living and Behaviour, Form and Technology, or Man and Nature.The programme consists of individual industrial design projects, workshops and additional theoretical courses.The School of Industrial Design offers you a creative environment with excellent workshop facilities.As part of a full-scale university, we can offer great opportunities for a multidisciplinary approach through cooperation with other faculties.The Master’s Programme in Industrial Design also provides an excellent platform from which to continue studies at Ph D level.More information can be found at A Bachelor's degree with relevance to the applied education.