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In the TV journalism system, shows about crime and violence are considered especially addictive. Now you’ve arrived at the top 200, the very best episodes about crime and rape and other atrocious things that will make you terrified to be a New Yorker. 23 A student pretends to be a cop and helps capture a rapist, but when he’s discovered the arrest is thrown out. 11 This must be the 15th time Benson’s been taken hostage, which seems a little ridiculous. 11 A 9-year-old girl accidentally accuses the wrong person of rape after surviving a car accident. 18 A pregnant woman’s dead body seems to link to a love triangle quarrel between a father (Stephen Collins) and a son (Matthew Davis). 8 Benson and Stabler ofter disagree on cases, usually stemming from something personal in their lives. 10 A retried pro football player (Treat Williams) is charged with the statutory rape of a 14-year-old girl.

The squad suspects a transphobic rapper, but he was secretly in a relationship with her. 8 A comatose woman is found to be six weeks pregnant, but she wasn’t raped. 7 What begins as a slow-burn investigation into a sex offender for the rape and murder of a young boy ends up even more twisted. ) and it was actually two teenage boys who assaulted the kid then killed him with a bike chain. After a fan of her old videos finds and attacks her, she tries to track down another victim from her childhood to testify against their kidnapper. When she starts dating a news anchor, the cameraman stalks her with a hidden camera, rapes her, and gets her pregnant. It’s a slow episode without many thrills and no twists, but it does offer a good examination of Stabler’s need to cover for his daughter’s mistakes. On the way, they cross paths with a man who stole vials of anthrax, which eventually kills the rapist. He was actually trying to kill gang members he saw commit a crime, but accidentally missed and shot the girl instead. After the boy dies from drunk driving and the detectives discover the daughter is an alcoholic, Novak prosecutes the mother. Norman Reedus plays a famous musician who pays for her defense because he was also suicidal as a teen. Stabler tracks down two possible fathers, an abusive one who was also the kidnapper (Dana Ashbrook). 15 A mentally unstable man murders the pediatrician who abused him as a child. Huang notices the man has a habit of chewing on objects. There’s also a mother who poisoners her daughter, but covers it up with a fake cancer diagnosis so she can get pity money and attention. The rapist takes Benson hostage in an ambush before he’s shot down. Eric Roberts’ former cop is suspected of killing convicted rapists. 22 Lois Smith plays a mother reporting the rape of her pregnant daughter with Down Syndrome. 22 A dismembered body in a junkyard leads the detectives to Marlee Matlin’s Amy Solewy, who’s helping an organ dealer sell his kidney on the black market. The football player is innocent and his agent (Rick Hoffman) killed the husband by accident. Eventually his girlfriend, who was also his lawyer, kills him. Benson tells the man’s wife (Karen Allen) that he had syphilis, which led to schizophrenia. Jonathan Tucker’s Ian is the initial suspect, but it was his father, a conversion therapist, who killed his son’s boyfriend. After he pleads guilty, Cabot goes after the company who sent the emails for accessory to murder. Casey Novak, Diane Neal guest-starred as a bondage and rope enthusiast who helped rape a male stripper (much to Stabler’s disbelief) and kill one of her murder accomplices. In his final episode Barba gets a death threat, Sgt. But oh wait, jkjk, he suffered a stroke in the hospital and now he’s dead. It’a solid introduction to the squad where we hear Munch’s JFK conspiracy theories and we meet Benson’s mom and learn her history. He blends in a little too well, then has to pretend to assault another girl. Meanwhile his daughter’s girlfriend is assaulted by a masked man and Stabler goes undercover as sex addict to find the rapist. To top off a crazy case about two immigrant rape victims, Novak gets brutally attacked in her office by a masked man delivering her flowers. Warner, then holds her husband, Benson, and ADA Marlowe hostage?! Then Stabler goes all Bond and sneaks through the air vents to save the day. It’s Pablo Schrieber’s most terrifying performance as William Lewis (and this is the same maniac who tied Benson up and later made her play Russian Roulette). In this one, two brothers commit a quadruple homicide. 9 Amanda Plummer plays a schizophrenic who claims she was raped. 13 One child molester creates another child molester that creates another one in a layered story that begins when Warren finds the remains of a boy from the 1980s. Their daughter, who has a mental disability and perfect pitch, is able to identify her mother’s attacker by the sound of his voice. A sniper shoots a schoolyard full of children, one of whom was black. 15 Benson goes undercover in a women’s prison to catch a drug dealing correctional officer who’s raping the inmates. Name a more harrowing episode is also Benson’s best episode. I’ve seen this episode at least five times, and each time I’m on edge.Toy Story was the first feature-length film to be made entirely using computer-generated imagery.The films were produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.It also became the third animated film in history to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture, following Beauty and the Beast and Up.Toy Story, the first film in the franchise, was released on November 22, 1995.Right after he makes bail, he bites one of the victim’s brothers, which gives the squad DNA evidence to convict him. He looks like the victim, but he’s actually the murderer; he killed an abortion doctor in a drunken blackout. The detectives find out she’s in a club where girls trade sex favors for beer. ) She finally reveals her boyfriend’s best friend raped her. Ending on a nice bloody note, the stalker’s girlfriend brutally murders him in the bathroom. The husband gets assaulted by their porn producer, who Banks later shoots and kills. The squad investigates a string of kidnappings, leading them to a former birthday clown child molester (Jim Gaffigan). 11 Blair Underwood’s father is accused of raping his wife and Stabler thinks he’s innocent. to his neck tattoo connect to a string of assaults Rollins was tracking back in Atlanta. 17 Matthew Modine plays a perp Stabler arrested 14 years ago who’s suspected of a recent crime. 1 Foster parents (the mother’s played by Joan Cusack) force their adopted child to look and dress like their child who went missing years ago. 17 A paralyzed woman with locked-in syndrome is raped and beaten. When a killer targets the lesbian community, Babs blames the SVU for not investigating hate crimes. Stabler and Benson break into the perp’s apartment without a warrant. But – and bear with me, this gets confusing – Robert’s older sister Christina was the one who attacked the psychiatrist for taking advantage of him. Christina’s mother (Robert’s grandmother) took her baby away years ago and abused him, so Christina killed her. , only Shirley Knight is the child psychologist version of Leo Di Caprio who plants false memories in kids. 10 After Fin is declared a hero cop for taking out two shooters, a woman returns from his past when he worked undercover to find a missing girl who died. 15 A rich entrepreneur claims he’s been raped by a woman when he was just trying to get a massage. 13 A judge who exchanged sexual favors for verdicts is found murdered in his car.EADA Sonya Paxton screws up the trial when she shows up to court drunk and plays the wrong CGI-reenactment of the crime for the jury. The real perp is worse, and once they find him he negotiates the removal of the death penalty to give up the location of his final victim. Then he sets his wife on fire in the middle of the street. But then he set her on fire because she accused him and he’s an alcoholic.) 149. 14 An episode about Benson and Stabler tracking down stolen frozen embryos, so it’s got to be good. 9 Mariska Hargitay’s father, Mickey Hargitay, guest stars as a mutilated man who’s murdered by the mother of a woman held captive in a dungeon. 20 Benson and ADA Pond investigate a judge (Swoosie Kurtz) for handing out hard sentences. 6 A schizophrenic homeless man (Leland Orser) has been roaming the streets for years without his medication. 16 A rape victim that seems to be exaggerating her assault ends up having a hand wound infected with flesh-eating bacteria. 15 Ain’t nothing like a good ol’ chase to find a kidnapped victim. 24 When Novak is suspicious of a biased judge (Tom Skerrit) for acquitting a woman who forced her daughter to drink laundry detergent, she investigates one of his past cases. While the DNA of the suspect matches perfectly, the detectives find out he had a vindictive twin who’s been following his brother around to pin the crimes on him. Stabler realizes that if really lost control of his anger he might end up on the other side of the interrogation table. In a last minute twist, Benson and Stabler find the kidnapped girl. Her jealous sister (Jill Scott) has been abusing her, but it’s the nursing home’s bus driver who’s been sexually assaulting disabled women. By trying to recover a little girl’s repressed memories, a little girl becomes convinced her father raped her. He gets the body exhumed and tries to track down the woman’s baby. That sounds fishy of course, and he is actually a rapist who assaults young women hired as masseuses. A woman murders him after he went back on his promise to keep her abusive husband locked up. 13 A girl is kidnapped for ransom to pay off a couple’s gambling debts. 19 In Lake’s final episode he’s wanted for the murder of a police officer. 23 A father (Joe Morton) murders his daughter’s rapist right as Benson and Stabler get enough evidence to arrest him. 3 Melissa Joan Hart’s teacher is accused of raping a student, but he’s the one who raped her. 9 A pregnant teenage girl is brutally beaten and loses her baby. 16 Benson learns about her half-brother Simon (Michael Weston) at the same time that he’s a suspect in a rape case. 22 A teenager shows up in the squad room and admits he’s struggling with sexual feelings for his younger stepbrother.The boy’s real mom (Sara Gilbert) and foster mom (Julie Bowen) are both rape survivors who met at a PTSD meeting. Dylan Walsh plays a man with two identities: One as a family man, another as a fake CIA agent with a secret fiancé. 16 Carol Burnett is a former Rockette with terminal cancer who gets her adopted son (Matthew Lillard), who she’s also sleeping with, to help her kill off her many husbands. 3 Stabler voluntarily gets locked up in solitary confinement for 3 days to try to understand why a convict (Stephen Rea), who lived in “The Hole” for 16 years, pushed him off a rooftop. In a sly double reveal at the end, the real mom realizes the foster dad Noah is her rapist, then DNA reveals he is 44. 22 Two brothers got in a car accident as kids where their mother lost one of her legs and part of her face. The other grew up to become a psychiatrist who’s sexually aroused by amputees and performs body modifications on women. He rapes and kills his side woman, then when his family is murdered he blames it on his wife, but the gunshot pattern proves he did it. She also pushes one of her husbands (Vincent Curatola) out a window. It’s rare to feel genuine sympathy for a criminal on this show, but you do with Rea’s bank robber (it helps that he’s not a sex offender). Each film set box office records, with the third included in the top 15 all time worldwide films.Critics have given all three films positive reviews.