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20 Sep

That just means two languages are important to you.

The lower scores indicate those languages you seldom use to communicate love and which probably don't affect you very much on an emotional level If this is your love language, unsolicited compliments mean the world to you.

When they decided to get married, one was desperate and the other was drunk; even so, they have been happily married for 28 years.

Violet Lim is the co-founder of lunch dating company Lunch Actually ( as well as Eteract, Asia’s first online speed dating portal.

On the scale of difficult things to do, navigating the world of dating and sustaining a healthy relationship over time are surely up there with persuading a 12-year-old girl that Justin Bieber did not create the universe and everything in it.

Thankfully, some people know more about it than most.

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I end up keeping my mouth shut because I feel guilty and swallow my suspicion only to have it rear its ugly head again when he acts up. Answer Question 5: I’m a woman but I feel an intense physical attraction to my female colleague, who is married with three children. Should I do something or would I just be causing trouble for everyone?

Answer Question 4: I’ve been with the same man for a year now and though it hasn’t been that long, I can safely say that I know him well.

I know he’s cheating on me—I can feel it in my bones.

Simply go to the speed dating section and choose someone you like instant dating sites homo date with.

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