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23 Oct

There is just one problem: She is fourth in the line of succession. Tony thinks this is the perfect way to get close to Steve, Bucky’s adorably attractive younger step-brother.They strike up a deal and get far more than they bargained for.But what happens when Bucky fucks up and gets caught in a media whirlwind bringing Steve down with him and their publicists only option is for the two members to fake date? He does not enjoy it in the slightest, but not because of the workload or the boss, but because of Stephen, his arrogant, egotistical pain-in-the-ass coworker, who sits right across from him.Tony wants nothing to do with the man - until an invite to his ex’s wedding shows up in the mail, with the “plus one” option.So what happens when Fury sends you on a mission where the two of you have to pretend to be a couple?Princess Charlotte desires the throne of the Kingdom of Albion. Bucky Barnes needs a scandalous date to Prom because he thinks it will secure his win for Prom King."chenchen: eww can you not be so gay at me plschenchen: im not into that uknow,,lovemesomebacon: suddenly i cant read"AKA the one in which Jongdae is convinced he is straight and Minseok is determined to change his mind.worldwide cutie gay:dont be rude im getting theresowhat i want is for one of youto be my boyfriend for some weeks :)yoonglespringles:see thats why we dont help him Or in which Seokjin needs a fake boyfriend and Namjoon is whipped so he accepts Starts off as a bunch of Lady Noir drabbles and oneshots for Lady Noir July. Fake dating, memory modification, falling in love, and fighting bad guys. Thomas Arclight is sent to marry to queen of Poseidon in order to gain the means to find his missing father.

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Alternatively: Yoongi immediately pushed the lit end of the joint into the concrete, putting the fire out as he eyed behind Jeongguk with wide eyes, and the raven haired boy couldn’t tell if his pupils were blown because of the drugs, or because of the fact that fuck, they had just been caught doing drugs on the fucking school roof just before their last lesson by an overly attractive blonde boy who looked too innocent for his own good.

Once he arrives he finds that maybe there is more to life than just following your duty.

From finding forbidden love to learning that just because she's a queen doesn't mean Merag isn't wild.

An ad from earlier in the year that appeared in the U. The ad got attention from ISBA, the trade body in the U. representing advertisers; it was eventually pulled. Instagram pitches a brand-safe environment as a high-end, visual platform that boasts beautiful photos and visuals. A raft of straight direct-response ads from brands in the dating app, virtual gambling and game promotion world hit the platform right after it opened its application programming interface.

Instagram ads, both on Stories and in the feed, are bought via the company’s self-serve function.