Fat personals dating marriage

31 Jan

I think it has more to do with keeping in shape is a higher priority for single people than married people and definately a higher priority for parents. I don't recall the specific source but I do remember two general points:* People gain weight after marriage far greater than age-matched singles.* Women gain more weight after marriage (lbs.and % of body weight).people get fat cause they are lazy (except for medical reasons) and have low self esteem.

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I have nothing against people who are fat or disabled, and I try to look past those issues.

But I admit that, sometimes, I can also be shallow and tend to say yes or no based solely on looks.

Besides...people get comfortable with their mate and they don't work so hard at making themselves look good. * They don't care about their own bodies enough to realize you only get ONE trip and ONE vessel for it.* They can't control much in their lives except the fork so they do it.* They don't have any idea how to eat or exercise.* They are in denial that they are overweight or that it's even a problem. I know that the media likes to make us think that married people gain more weight than single people. I mean, do we just notice the fat married people because in a way, we are programmed to?

I am not saying this is ALWAYS the case...just seems to happen a lot. Not only is there not as much cooking, but my ex drank alot of soda and I drink very very very very little. Those who expect you to look the same as you did when you were in your early 20's are kidding themselves. I know a lot of thin married people and I know a lot of fat married people. They in way, stop caring about their appearance I do not think that marriage makes people fat. They may have always had a weight problem, but when your single, it's a higher priority to keep in shape so you can find that special someone.