Fatima bhutto dating

18 Oct

“I’ve learnt now to talk in interview-speak,” Fatima tells me when we first meet.

“I always used to say ‘the man who killed my father’, but now I use the revised version, ‘the man who I feel killed my father’.” At the level of bare facts, Fatima’s family story is unfeasibly dramatic.

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Reading various articles about Fatima in preparation for our interview, I began to notice that information regarding her current whereabouts conflicted with what I knew to be true through casual conversation with her.

The leader of Pakistan from 1971 to 1977, he was deposed by a military coup headed by General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq (known as General Zia).

After two years’ imprisonment, Zulfikar was executed by hanging in 1979.

Even so, she still lives in the famous Bhutto compound in Karachi, aware of the realities of her endangered life as she pursues her burgeoning international career a writer, poet and columnist.

She’s a recent convert to veganism who enjoys soya milk in her cappuccinos.