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04 Dec

If you have any questions on how something was done, please ask and I will try to answer to the best of my ability.

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We will leave the original Sketch Up file link up if you would like to work from just the model I used to create the coop. I wanted to design and build it myself as a fun exciting project.They have not been approved by a certified engineer to meet certain hurricane, earthquake, volcanic, flooding, nuclear blast or other natural disaster sized forces.While every effort to make a safe environment for our chickens, some things may have been overlooked as we are novice chicken coop builders.Please note that no chicken was harmed during the making of this coop and all testing was done in very controlled manner were no chicken was ever placed in danger.I spent a fair amount of time looking for plans online.When I first started doing research on our new coop I spent a great deal of time on Back Yard Chickens looking for ideas and suggestions.We owe a great deal of credit to the people who were willing to share their coop photos. We are grateful for their willingness to share their passion and work.I checked, double checked and cross referenced everything from space per bird requirements, Deep Litter Method (DLM), nesting box sizes, roost length, building codes, roofing solutions, predator proofing, waterproofing, drainage ideas, working with concrete, to using explosive nailers. At this point I would like to add my *** Disclaimer ***: I am not, nor have I ever been an architect nor structural engineer.The plans and designs I created are from my understandings of things required to meet the objectives of my coop.This past summer we had so much rain that the ground in the area became completely saturated.The ground was like a sponge and when you walked on it, you would sink an inch and water would flow around your boots.