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06 Dec

You can do a complete checkout of the release branch or you can save some space by using the "--depth=empty" option: This will put a placeholder branch for the AOO34 in directory "aoo-stable".In the aoo-stable directory, you can keep saving space (rather convenient) until you reach the directory where you want to make changes: At this point, you have merged r1333165 into r1347366. For a complete reference on Subversion see the Subversion Book. This page gives instructions on performing basic development tasks using the Subversion Command-Line Client.This instruction assumes you have Apache Subversion installed.The base command in Git for all the Subversion bridging commands is , you’re interacting with Subversion, which is a system that is far less sophisticated than Git.

SVN also keeps a record of the specific commits that have been merged so the changes are much easier to track down.

Stable, release branches, are specifically named and can be found in the branches area of the openoffice svn tree.

With few exceptions you do NOT do direct commits to the stable, release, branches.

You begin using Subversion by copying a directory from a remote repository to a local directory on your file system. Subversion uses a copy-modify-merge model meaning that you can add and edit files and directories in your working copy like any other files on your system, but you should use subversion commands for everything else such as Most sub-commands take file and/or directory arguments, recursing on the directories.

If no arguments are supplied to such a command, it recurses on the current directory (inclusive) by default.