First six months dating

21 Sep

You keep thinking 24/7 nonstop everyday about how you’re so lucky, and how you ended up with the perfect guy/girl. I was championing that phone like you would not believe, telling everyone that they should buy it. Most of the times, this time is filled with chocolates, roses and happiness. Maybe the guy has been wanting to go on less and less dates, and has been spending less and less time on the phone.

Maybe the girl keeps going out clubbing with her friends, and the jealous and insecure guy has a problem with that (especially because as a guy he knows there are lots of dogs out there).

Others, however, feel like this is a deal-breaker, and they call it quits.

To this, the guy usually ends up dating one of the female elves that he met on his video game.

So with that being said…Here are the natural cycles of a two year relationship.

You wonder why there are so many relationships that fail! You’re constantly talking and constantly doing all those super cheesy “no you hang up first” activities that make the rest of the world want to vomit. It was so pretty to look at, so awesome to hold, and so easy to admire. During this time, there are no real problems in the relationship, and if there are lots of problems that’s probably a very bad sign for the relationship. Maybe the girl said “I love you” to the guy, and the guy hesitated before he muttered out some “oh yea, me too” one liner that was obviously unenthusiastic.

Just as the name suggests, this stage is pretty self explanatory. You find out, to your horror, that the person you thought was perfect is actually, *gasp*, Not perfect! (And some of the super independent, I don’t need any guy to take care of me types here are going to be absolutely outraged that I’m saying this). Therefore, it’s only natural for a girl to really question whether or not she feels secure with the guy she’s dating.

Certain things about them start to “concern” you about whether this relationship will really work for the long term haul. The guy may be spending enormous amounts of time playing video games (not me of course), and she notices it a lot more now.

You guys are now officially farting in front of each other, taking dumps at each others homes/apartments, and a lot of the initial “always must look nice, dress nice, smell nice” has started to wear off.

Most relationships that are superficial/flings, or are consisted of one member of the duo that is not as committed to the relationship as the other, end at this point.