Flat chested women dating

09 Jan

I'm just trying to support the ladies that need no support.It was my first post ever at a forum and I'm glad I did it.and implants who really wants to play with something that has no feeling attached and looks like if you stuck a pin in them they would pop,i believe this post was for support of the ibtc not to brag about your racks, its not the chest size anyway, its who you are.and if you want to start a large tits thread feel free but i like the compliments for us ibtc members..

Occasionally, during our conversation, he would pull out a Chap-Stick and rub it thoughtfully over his lower lip. "I went on two dates with a Western woman recently. I mean, I think that's just too fast, but she was pretty insistent.

"Those that were born here, of immigrant parents, and those that were born over there. He added, "You know, I can't speak for every guy, but for me it's a real personal interest in Asian culture as a whole --" "Is that right? My parents are together and all that, but we're not close.

The ones recently immigrated will date either Western or Asian men, but the American-born tend to find Asian men too soft and effeminate. And I like the idea of having someone who's not like me, who's not another professional who works all the time, being a part of my life." "So you want a bossy housewife. The physical is part of my attraction, the sexual is part of it, too." "Go on." A homeless man approached us suddenly with an outstretched hand.

itty bitty titty commitee, ibtc, i am the president and founder and love itoh, puh-lease! it was a joke...a very obvious one..make the point that it doesn't freakin' matter the size!

i hate it when people come in late in a thread and don't take the time to pick up on the vibe of [email protected] mickiesthe1 You are so totally welcome, and whether I get accused of lying or not; I did start this thread for two reasons, to let the smaller breasted woman know she's adored, admired, worth googling at and not alone, and to know if I myself was alone.