Foreign service officer dating dating site traffic exchange

30 Jan

In my off time, I fuck the Ambassador." A previous ambassador to Lisbon (also appointed) was an avid sailor.He would take his boat out on the Tejo (Tagus) River with some selected local lovelies and show porn films on the sail which were easily seen from shore.

Really good ones do exist, of course, and are a joy to work for. But the Foreign Service of my experience is a morass of political infighting, backstabbing and dithering.

You would not believe the amount of shit she got for that from her immediate boss and from the ambo.

Her boss ended up approving the expenditure despite written protest from my wife.

Of course, few in the Foreign Service have the balls to tell you to your face that you're not performing adequately, so your fitness reports are written with buzz words that alert promotion boards that you shouldn't be promoted.

Even the slightest hint of a problem can tank your career. In the meantime, ambassadors can commit all sorts of illegal, immoral and outrageous acts, including outright theft and get away with it. Say the wrong thing in a meeting, try to do your job the right way instead of the ambo's way, defy his/her wishes in any fashion whatsoever, not treat them as royalty, don't stand when they walk into the room, refer to him as "ambassador" instead of "Mr.