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07 Nov

Once i am done with the finger i do a bit of prostate massage which is by far the most pleasurable exercise that once could ever imagine on this earth.I perform it with 2 fingers, the middle finger and the ringer finger.Coming back again, to the question of allowing : Will your wife allow you to have *** outside marriage? Do you realise what you are saying makes you an MCP. Practice your ***, start with thin dildos and keep it inside for long hours. I have always used coconut oil and never felt a need of lube. I have started with carrot, cucumber & raw banana ( as there was no dildo ) later bought thick big dildo vibrator online.2. It open ur hole well and open u for deep penetration and this can be proble if ur partner is ageeasive,anger or not taking clues.Doggy is best position with partner as it opens up *** naturally and help in stretching ASSS. I mean he have to push some buttons but u dont want take risk .Speed control is over ur partner but this position really help cause of gravity..

I have *** many guys and i have felt what they feel while i am penetrating into them.

While doing the penetration exercise use front camera to see what and how you are performing. Last but not the least always use follow the breathing process while penetration, which is the most important parameter. While you penetrating the finger always exhale (Breath out air through ***), because while you breath out your anus ring gets opened making the way for your finger/dildo/toy/*** to pass or slip inside more easily provided if the area it fully lubricated with the ponds body lotion..

i hope my experience would be useful to many.i urge you guys to provide me your valuable replies if i proved fruitful to you somehow.. LOL, I see many gays here trying to stereotype Bisexuals as lairs and cheaters.

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