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24 Feb

Ann settled herself into her chair, arranging the neckline of the low cut silk blouse she had chosen to wear with her understated, soft gray designer suit.

Ann and Kevin had known the Cardins for several years.They needed a better outlet for their high sex drives than conventional clandestine love affairs.Secret affairs disrupted business and personal life and all too often ended in embarrassment and expense to the executive and his employer.Lisa, 26, was married to Jim Cardin, a potentially rising mid manager at Andra Corporation.Jim, at 35, was currently eligible for promotion to a senior management position.There was an 18 year age difference between Kevin and Lisa, but Jim and Ann were the same age which seemed to balance out the age issue.Through dinners at one another's homes, membership in the same country club and shared vacations they had become fast friends. Ann suspected that their close relationship to the Cardins was the reason she and Kevin had been selected for this assignment.After his death, the board of directors and Executive management of Andra had purchased the company from the founder's estate.In the years that followed they had transformed the company into one of the most profitable in the country.Ann noted that Lisa had dressed discretely in navy, but the dress was short and revealing and the tight gold chain belt and gold strappy heels reflected her tendency to entice rather than impress.She had applied her make-up rather too exactingly, giving her face a stark appearance uncharacteristic of her normally relaxed style, and her long dark hair had lost its usual bounce, flattened by too much brushing as she tried to find a style to suit the occasion.