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19 Feb

There are issues of consent involved as well, which makes things even more complicated. You may not have any idea what the other person looks like at first.

Or, put on the spot when they suddenly send you a sexy photo and you realize you don’t find them attractive.

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Few people have the spare time to go on sexting indefinitely, and you can always set up another session for when you’re both free again.

It’s obviously fine to enjoy whatever pictures and messages you get while you’re in the middle of a sexting session, but if you plan on saving them for later, you should ask your partner first.

As anyone who’s done it knows, there’s no other social situation quite like sexting.

It’s not quite the same as a hook-up, but it’s also not a casual chat either. Not all sexting involves pictures or video, but when it does, things can get awkward very quickly.