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19 Nov

In some instances, the scammers have been able to provide the customers with detailed information such as last payment date and amount.

It is important to remember that while National Grid may contact customers with past due balances by phone to offer payment options, BUT NEVER demands direct payment immediately over the telephone.

Learn more “Grandparent” Scam This scam targets the elderly and usually starts with a phone call – a con artist poses as a grandchild or a person calling on behalf of a relative in trouble and in urgent need of money.

If you are eligible for reemployment, you must be restored to the position and seniority-based benefits that you would have attained or, in some cases, a comparable job, had you not been absent from work to perform military service.

If you have questions about the Telemarketers registration process, please call the Consumer Protection Unit at (401) 274-4400, ext. Telemarketers Registration Form Common Scams Dangers of Content Theft Sites Online operators have found a new way to target Rhode Islanders: by infecting visitors to so-called pirate websites.

A recent study established that visiting content theft sites – websites devoted to illegally distributing movies, music, books, and other copyrighted content – was a major source for infecting computers with dangerous malware that can lead to identity theft and other serious financial and privacy harms.

The scam can also happen by email after access to email accounts has been compromised.

In some cases, scammers gather their target information from public records, telemarketer's lists and social networking sites.